Mushroom Power


One of my favourites is mushroom!!! They are so cute, amazing shape. Whenever I saw it, it makes me smile.

This is a mushroom I found in Rotterdam. Even there are eyes :->


5 Responses to “Mushroom Power”

  1. Louise Says:

    I love your blog, Mariko! Glad to hear your tonsils are better. Hope to see you soon. xxLouise

  2. MISS happy MAMIKO Says:

    SO Did you take `mashroom`then in Holland?

    Rotterdam is my boyfriend`s home time.You have to come over aging to Holland.
    I want to laugh with you and I want to make you smile and happy aging as when I was in London.

    love you!

  3. Josep Says:

    Love mushrooms too….still waiting for your psychedelic party…heheheh…i miss you japanese mushroom!!!! kisses

  4. Alberto Says:

    Marikoooo, helloooooooooooooooooooo!

    In BCN you can find as well mushrooms like the one from the picture… at the Gràcia neighbourhood: you should come to check it (and visit the city!)



  5. marikonamikawa Says:

    louise> thank you louise! and we MUST meet up soon. lots to tell you ;-> xxx

    mamiko> it was great city, i loved the cubirism building!!
    yeah, i want to see you too. lets have okonomiyaki again :-> xxx

    josep> it wasnt my fault, its Ben, remember!?!?!?
    japanese mushroom is the most tasty in the world, yam yam 😮 xxx

    alberto > really???? mmm, i need to check with my eyes!!!
    i need spain, i know spain misses me jajaja ;-> xxx

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