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Local Power

September 25, 2007

So then, this is the movning card from our new flat. Now you can tell that the skilight picture is true…It is great place. Between a charity shop and a pound shop. Lots of wonderful places to discover too!! I LOVE IT!!! ;->


Bus Power

September 24, 2007

It was such awful journey this morning!! When I arrived at the bus stop, a bus gave us lovely shower… It is very lucky ha!?

Then as soon as I arrived the shop, it started to be sunny, did I do something wrong to the world today!?

Well, I try to understand this message, but still my mind is ? ? ?

This is a view from our bedroom window last weekend. So you can tell how high our flat is ;-> (it is skylight, hahaha) amazing sky, and looks like a painting!!

Rain drop Power

September 19, 2007


Mmm, seems to finish sunny summer time now!? I saw rain drops today…

I want to get a new umbrella to have lovely winter, hahaha  ;->  I haven’t been shopping for ages…

I have a Spanish friend who likes raining. Can you believe it?? :-0

Granny Power

September 18, 2007


Yesterday in Japan was a national holiday called “Keirou no Hi” which is for respecting the old people there. 

These owl I painted were present for my granny last year “Keirou no Hi”. She loves owl, really really. Everytime I find owl, I feel a duty to get it for her… But because of her, I’ve got into them as well… So whenever I find interesting owls, I have to fight in me- is it for her… or me…!?

And not only she corrects owls, but also she makes them! When she makes some, she always send them to me to give my friends them as ‘happy presents’.

This is my friend Kavel’s blog. So, granny owls are all over the world now ;->

they are such adorable creature, aren’t they???


 mmm, i don’t know what i shall give her this year yet!!

Image Power

September 17, 2007


Finally, I attatched the images for my previous bloooog!!! yeaaah! Please have a look back. Some of them are not good quality… but…

Then, now, I lost the front image of my name some reason!! It was in my broken USB, so i have to make another one…

When you sorted out a problem, there is another one coming. This is how life is going on…

Anyway, I just sent an image to my friend who is making my website. this dog will be the image for one of the page there :->

 Have a happy week!!

Summer Power?

September 15, 2007


Is it still summer?

It’s gonna be like this for a while??

People are still buying summer sandals, so… will be!


Happy Power

September 13, 2007

Finally, I received my passport from home office, yeaaaah!!

Just expressing my happiness :->

Smile gene Power

September 5, 2007


I am into a book called ‘The code of Life’ by Kazuo Murakami is succeeded in genetically decoding the enzyme “renin” in humans, the cause of high blood pressure.

I am OFCOURSE reading it by Japanese! I don’t know if there is the one by English… Basically, he said that genes are essential to our life. And possitive thinking switch the good genes on and bad one off. If you can get on well with your genes, it’s possible for everybody to work miracles.

Hope I am a good translator…

So… it depends on you, how much you can feel happiness from the situation you have now. And if you have someone to share the feeling, it’s also wonderful thing :->

Chit chat Power

September 4, 2007


I am working at the large size shoe shop as usual today, and there was a interesting customer from N.Y. well, she works there and came back for holiday here.

She studied graphics but she wasn’t sure, so she changed her study to textile design, but she was more interested in illustrations, but now she’s got a job as a fashion designer in N.Y and enjoying it! She is into fashion illustration, and I’m interested in it too. So we had loooong chat here!

Eventually, we gave contact each other. I’m looking forward to having chat with her again  :-> It is nice to work here and meet such nice people.. 

Candle Power

September 3, 2007


Unfortunately, I am still without USB and broadband at home. I have my images for each previous day in my PC, and waiting for attaching them… So sorry, but will come soon…

 This weekend was very hard one. Lots of worries, Lots of confusions, but eventually, it changed into a great starting point because of them.

I needed to relax yesterday Sunday. so I had lovely bath time. It made me feel relax and less worries.

 And even lots of things happen to me, I still think I am the most happiest person in the world :->

~Thank you for everything~