Pastry Power


This is a cafe which does wonderful almond croissant is ‘The Cafe” at Foyls. Wooden furniture and floor, even you can relax with Jazz music from the record shop next to it. It is a bit small, so you hardly get a seat, if you chose wrong time. They are organic cafe, so you can feel a bit healthy to be there too :->

I haven’t been there for ages, I miss the days when I had time to relax at cafes…


3 Responses to “Pastry Power”

  1. Alberto Says:

    Nice picture!

    Where is this café?

    Hope you’re ok!

    Un beso,

    Alberto /

  2. giggleaugogo Says:

    lovely cafe picture! ^_^

  3. marikonamikawa Says:

    thank you and you :->

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