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Handing in Power

May 28, 2008


Finally, I finished my final project deadline& handed in them last Friday!!!
So nice to spend weekend after the stressful days!!

But I also know that this is the starting point for my career, job hunting
is waiting for me…

Anyway!! I feel goooooooood :->


Soho Power

May 3, 2008


I took this in a window cafe in Soho. it is fun to do human watching from here especially at night time.

i started to be interested in taking photos these days more and more :->

Dream Power

May 3, 2008


do you easily remember what kind of dream you had???
i forget easily, but try to note on my dream diary. but it is hard to keep doing it.
they are symbols from my dreams, so i create some images from them.

yeah, it is just beginning… more to go…