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4TH Birthday with Psychedelic Lollipop

April 17, 2009

Tonight, it is my club Girls In The Garage’s 4th anniversary!! I can’t belive that it’s been for so long!!

I want to say thank you to people who surport it and enjoy it. and my husband, who works so hard for promoting it, even he is very tired&sleepy head after he comes back from work :’)

It is also on Time Out magazine! it is so cool!!
it’s every third fridays. i hope to see you one of our night :-> you will get a free psychedelic lollipop ;->



Easter Surprise

April 15, 2009

There were lots of nice surprise during Easter Holiday!
From our neighbours…


They put lots of Easter eggs&chicks around our stairs. So nice!

From my husband…


When I came home from work, the rabbit was jumping around on the bed!

It’s my turn to create some surprise for them ;->