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Mono Power

June 25, 2008





Mono Prints…


Fairy Shoes

January 15, 2008


So… because I’m working in the large sizes shoe shop. I made these small shoes which is the customers’ fantasy objects there.

His fairy shoes are really amazing!!!  Please have a look ;->

Shoe Project

January 15, 2008

My shoe design project!!

I made fairy’s shoes ;->



Granny Power

September 18, 2007


Yesterday in Japan was a national holiday called “Keirou no Hi” which is for respecting the old people there. 

These owl I painted were present for my granny last year “Keirou no Hi”. She loves owl, really really. Everytime I find owl, I feel a duty to get it for her… But because of her, I’ve got into them as well… So whenever I find interesting owls, I have to fight in me- is it for her… or me…!?

And not only she corrects owls, but also she makes them! When she makes some, she always send them to me to give my friends them as ‘happy presents’.

This is my friend Kavel’s blog. So, granny owls are all over the world now ;->

they are such adorable creature, aren’t they???


 mmm, i don’t know what i shall give her this year yet!!