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Pastry Power

October 1, 2007


This is a cafe which does wonderful almond croissant is ‘The Cafe” at Foyls. Wooden furniture and floor, even you can relax with Jazz music from the record shop next to it. It is a bit small, so you hardly get a seat, if you chose wrong time. They are organic cafe, so you can feel a bit healthy to be there too :->

I haven’t been there for ages, I miss the days when I had time to relax at cafes…


Sunny Power

August 25, 2007


Yeaaaah!! its a sunny day here finally!! we are at broadway market and enjoying sun sun sun :->

there is a great cafe on broadway market called GOSSIP pink and blue walls are so cute!!

they have so many kind of tea collections & we are drinking Arabela which was rosehip, apples orange peel, strawberry well, there were too many names written and i cant remember 😦

anyway, im gonna upload some photos soon :->