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Easter Surprise

April 15, 2009

There were lots of nice surprise during Easter Holiday!
From our neighbours…


They put lots of Easter eggs&chicks around our stairs. So nice!

From my husband…


When I came home from work, the rabbit was jumping around on the bed!

It’s my turn to create some surprise for them ;->


Present from Universe

February 2, 2009


my work today was making snow people :->

Mooooou Power!

January 6, 2009

Its a time for Moooooooooou!


I had a

November 18, 2008

big hair cut… really loooong hair just has gone!!
My hair dresser left a bit longer hair to see. so I lost my hair bellow+about 4inch!

It was around my wast, and now it is next to my chin.
Especially, my hair is very thic and too much.
so i feel very light and maybe can fly to the space :->


Local Power

September 25, 2007

So then, this is the movning card from our new flat. Now you can tell that the skilight picture is true…It is great place. Between a charity shop and a pound shop. Lots of wonderful places to discover too!! I LOVE IT!!! ;->

Bus Power

September 24, 2007

It was such awful journey this morning!! When I arrived at the bus stop, a bus gave us lovely shower… It is very lucky ha!?

Then as soon as I arrived the shop, it started to be sunny, did I do something wrong to the world today!?

Well, I try to understand this message, but still my mind is ? ? ?

This is a view from our bedroom window last weekend. So you can tell how high our flat is ;-> (it is skylight, hahaha) amazing sky, and looks like a painting!!

Rain drop Power

September 19, 2007


Mmm, seems to finish sunny summer time now!? I saw rain drops today…

I want to get a new umbrella to have lovely winter, hahaha  ;->  I haven’t been shopping for ages…

I have a Spanish friend who likes raining. Can you believe it?? :-0

Summer Power?

September 15, 2007


Is it still summer?

It’s gonna be like this for a while??

People are still buying summer sandals, so… will be!


Happy Power

September 13, 2007

Finally, I received my passport from home office, yeaaaah!!

Just expressing my happiness :->