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Brighton Power

August 28, 2007


I AM SORRY. But my USB has broken and I can’t upload any images till I get new one (my PC at home isn’t conected to I.N yet…) but as soon as I get it, you will see new images…

Anyway, I went to Brightoooooon sunday evening for A 60s all nighter. It was great as the venue was in front of beach. But the people working there weren’t so nice to be honest…

My jin&tonics made me got drunk and I danced whole night. I needed exercise ha ha ha ;->

6am, we popped by the beach and it was such nice moment with sea and fresh wind. The sunrise was wonderful, we wished we have brought a tent to stay there!!

I want to say thank you to the blue sky gave us such lovely sunny weekend :->


Mushroom Power

August 22, 2007


One of my favourites is mushroom!!! They are so cute, amazing shape. Whenever I saw it, it makes me smile.

This is a mushroom I found in Rotterdam. Even there are eyes :->