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Fairy Shoes

January 15, 2008


So… because I’m working in the large sizes shoe shop. I made these small shoes which is the customers’ fantasy objects there.

His fairy shoes are really amazing!!!  Please have a look ;->


Shoe Project

January 15, 2008

My shoe design project!!

I made fairy’s shoes ;->



Shoes Power

August 30, 2007


I’m working in a shoe shop which is for large sizes women (7-11) so I can’t try on them… I feel lucky to be able to work in this shop tho, because my bosses (they are couple) are so nice people!!!

I love shoes very very very much. Sure, most women do that. Fortunately, my boss asked me if i want to try shoe designing, as they are making their own brand called “Pink Angel”.

So today she came into shop and explained to me how to do it briefly was so exciting!!! I know it’s a different area from mine (Graphic Design, Illustration) but these days, I had coincidence which has come to me was information about “fashion illustration” then, here it is, now I know why ;->

Shoes are dangerous items for women…