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Friday Power

August 29, 2008


DJing there tonight, come down and dance ;->



August 27, 2008

is the private view!

hope to see you there :->


January 16, 2008

This friday, we are having 60s psychedelic, garage, and pop sounds party. so here is the flyer :->   

Rain drop Power

September 19, 2007


Mmm, seems to finish sunny summer time now!? I saw rain drops today…

I want to get a new umbrella to have lovely winter, hahaha  ;->  I haven’t been shopping for ages…

I have a Spanish friend who likes raining. Can you believe it?? :-0

Happy Power

September 13, 2007

Finally, I received my passport from home office, yeaaaah!!

Just expressing my happiness :->

Hello world!

August 11, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!